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My DMK RP peel journey

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Hi Beauties!

I wanted to share my DMK RP Peel skin journey in depth here. From my skin goals to the good, bad, funny, ugly and the results!

The RP peel is a 10 day procedure that peels away dead, redundant skin while rebuilding a healthy, stronger skin cell.

The process is 2 days of peel application in clinic, then an enzyme lift off at day 5 and 10, again done in clinic with our paramedical therapist.

Please note that my RP peel was done during the COVID-19 crisis. All treatments are done in clinic and by a trained Paramedical therapist. Thank you for coming on this journey with me, and I hope you enjoy the read.

For as long as I can remember I have always suffered with acne, it started at puberty and here I am at 34 and still trying to treat it. I went on medication at 14 as I was so self concious about it – then on the pill for 10 years which kept it at bay. These are only a band-aid and do not fix the core issue.

My goal is clear skin, pimple and breakout free, even texture and tone with ample hydration and an all round glow of health.

4 years ago I started to move towards a more whole food / holistic way of living. I started by slowly reducing gluten, dairy and sugar from my diet. It is not easy and for anyone who is wanting to change the way they eat don't be hard on yourself. I would constantly fall off the wagon! Because seriously who doesn't love a pavlova...........mmm pavlova!

About 18 months ago I thought that's it, I am determined this time to do whatever it takes to clear my skin up without any internal medications. Using dietry changes and DMK products I had my goal in mind of clear, breakout free skin!

So I went about repairing my skin from within, now I can hear all of you saying "everyone says to avoid dairy, gluten and sugar but my problem isn't acne, it's XYZ!" I want all of you to understand that most people are sensitive to these 3 food groups and everyone's body is different and will show inflammation in different ways.

It will show up in some people as bloat, eczema, psoriasis, constipation or diarrhoea and the list goes on. In my case when I ate gluten or dairy, my chin would inflame with hard, sore blind pimples. All skin disorder's are from some type of inflammation. Listen to your body and what it is telling you!

As soon as I went off the pill my skin flared up again which I knew would happen! But it didn't make it any easier knowing that. Here I was a 33 year old woman with acne!

I started seeing a naturopath, Alida from The Gut Detective, who helped heal my gut with whole foods, vitamin and mineral concoctions and slowly eliminating foods that made my condition worse.

I also did 4 boxes of the Regul8 Digestive tune up from DMK to really strengthen my intestinal gut health to help good bacteria flourish. This really took my healing to another level and to be honest I've never felt better. I take DMK EFA’s religiously and start my morning with a warm cup of water and half a lemon squeezed in it. I make sure I drink a minimum of 2 litres of water a day and eat a clean whole food plant based diet.

I have been working with DMK on my skin now for 18 months and finally felt ready to do the RP Peel. I have had numerous enzyme's and love the results they give me however I would have a period where my skin would be great and then it would flare up again so I kept studying and learnt that our skin has underlying congestion that we can not see and when the skin gets triggered it will blow up. The RP Peel works to push all of that up and out to blow it up onto the skin saving approximately 18 months worth of time in treatments.

Feeling ready to take my skin to the next level I started preparing my skin for the RP Peel.

I have mentally, emotionally and physically prepared my body for this and am now ready to accept the benefits of change. I will no longer be Kerrie who has acne I will be Kerrie who had acne and fixed it.

Preparation for an RP Peel

- Minimum of 4 enzyme treatments - Full prescription of DMK homecare products

- 4 EFA’s per day (Essential fatty acid supplement taken orally) - 10 days prior to having your PR Peel – Alternate Revitosin & Superbright at night applying a very generous amount to the entire face and decolatage, you will use a whole bottle of Revitosin during your prep for the RP peel.

Day 1

In Clinic the therapist will

- Cleanse - Apply Peel solution, this stays on for 8-12 hours so you can go home

At home after the 8-12 hours remove with Tepid water (no cleanser) then apply - Melanotech drops - Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vit C - Herbal pigment oil with Herb & Mineral mist - Contraderm with Herb & Mineral mist - Solar Damage gel - SPF HOW I FELT When the Peel solution went on it is very fumy, I needed a fan to stop the fumes from going up my nose. It immediately felt very hot and stinging (fan needed). It was quite painful around my mouth and if I smiled it hurt. This only lasted the first hour.

After the first hour it all calmed down and was just tight and a feeling of mild sunburn (very manageable) When I removed the peel solution in the shower it was a nice relief but my skin was still quite red. Applying the products felt nice and soothing.

I could already see around my chin area that it had brought to the surface all my underlying congestion. This excited me as I knew it was coming up and out. You'll see it on day 2 It was good to be home with no where to go (COVID-19) as it’s not a time you want to be heading to the shops.

What the peel solution looks like left on the skin

Day 2

No morning routine, straight into next layers

In Clinic your therapist will

- Cleanse - Apply 2nd Layer of Peel Solution, again this stays on for 8-12 hours At Home after the 8-12 hours you can remove with cleanser and apply home care prescriptives - Same as above

HOW I FELT Second time applying the Peel I was ready for it as I had done it the day before. But let me tell you I was nervous as hell! I was assured by Shelley, our DMK rep that it was normal and I would be fine. I've had 2 kids so it can't be that bad.

I had my fan at hand ready to go (it really helps with the heat and the smell) It didn’t feel too bad very similar to the first day, no more painful which was good. Hot and stingy again and just a little painful when I laughed or smiled again, after the first hour it all settled down and was quite manageable.

The peel itself works by pulling water up from the cells to push anything up and out and I tell you what that 2nd day I was super thirsty! I drank 2 litres easily then kept waking up during the night and had another litre over night.

Notice below on my chin that A LOT of crap came up out of my chin. It looks horrendous, BUT this is all the underlying congestion coming up and out in 1 go rather than over the course of a year.

Second layer of peel solution

Day 3

I woke up and did my morning routine. Tepid water and a very soft touch I cleansed using - Deep pore cleanser - Melanotech drops - Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vit C - Herbal Pigment Oil with Herb & Mineral Mist - Contraderm with Herb & Mineral Mist - Solar damage - SPF HOW I FELT Feeling very tight, an amazing tight feeling all over the face almost like botox, looking plump and red. I have got a small amount of peeling around the jaw where the pimples are but the rest of the face looks ok. A lot more pimples have come out today, more around my jaw line and some on my chest.

Day 4

Woke up and did my morning routine, this won't change as the products I am using are to support the the baby skin cells. The more nutrients, vitamins and minerals they have the better they will function and the longer my skin will stay healthy.

I had my first lift off treatment today to bring blood flow, oxygen and nutrients to the skin. We mix the enzyme with the exfoliant because it will help to gently dissolve the flaking skin whilst rebuilding and supporting the skins structure. HOW I FELT I still felt really tight. I had lots of peeling especially around my chin. After the lift off treatment today I noticed the skin start to really flake away, like it was seriously flapping in the wind (I seriously could have taken off if a big gust of wind came) It felt very dry today and a little bit itchy. All I wanted to do was peel the skin away but I didn’t as I don’t want to scar my skin. It’s exciting seeing the new skin underneath and looking forward to the end result.

Definitely did not want to see anyone – Stay home!

Day 5

Did my usual morning routine. Every time you cleanse more skin comes off, it’s weird but also very satisfying. I had an LED treatment on a mix of blue and red light today. The red light will help with healing and the blue light will kill any bacteria present contributing to my acne. I had a few pimples come up today, really big white juicey ones but I did not touch them! (that took strength) ha ha HOW I FELT Skin is feeling very tight and a little tender to touch, flaking and peeling. A lot coming off in sheets. Mentally I have been really good as I know the end result will be amazing but today I had to go to the super market and I was very self conscious, I got a little down on myself and had a small moment where I was feeling yuk.

So I think doing this treatment it would be best to take a few days off so you really don’t have to see anyone unless necessary.

Youngblood mineral makeup on to go to the shops. I look so good, it's like not even funny!

Day 6

When I cleansed this morning a lot more skin came away and it felt much better if I needed to go out in public.

Morning routine as normal In the afternoon I gave myself another Lift Off treatment. This was a bit stingy on my neck but other than that it felt good. HOW I FELT Every day I wake up and my skin is looking and feeling better and better, my chin doesn’t have any blackheads anymore and my pores look tighter and my skin more refined. Like the smooth porcelain skin I have always dreamed of. I am looking in the mirror more and more to see how my skin is transforming and I am loving what I see.

Skin still feels nice and tight and firm but not uncomfortable. A little bit itchy where the skin is shedding away.

Can you spot my photo bomber!

Day 7

WOW I have woken up this morning and the pimples have vanished, I haven't popped them and trust me the temptation was there! I continued with the same morning routine.

- Deep pore cleanser

- Melanotech drops

- Beta Gel & Direct Delivery Vit C

- Herbal Pigment Oil with Herb & Mineral Mist

- Contraderm with Herb & Mineral Mist

- Solar damage


It stings a little bit but each day it is feeling better and it feels so nice to put the products on every day, it feels like I am nourishing my skin.

HOW I FELT Feeling great as every day my skin is looking and feeling so much better, this really has transformed my skin. I have done multiple Enzyme treatments in the past and my skin has looked good but this has really taken my skin to the next level and I am just so happy with the results and there's still 3 days to go!

I put make up on today and my daughter says to me "wow mum you look good, and all your pimples are gone!" That's a big compliment from her because a week prior to that I said "Natalie, do you think mummy is pretty?" to which she replied "sorry mum but no, because you have pimples" haha (gotta love children's honesty)

My skin will look its best in 2 months time as it will continue to renit and remodel to create new healthy tissues. That is why it's called the Remodelling Procedure Peel!

I was happy with my skin when we started this 10 day journey, but I am just so over the moon about how much further it has come and can’t wait to see my skin continue to transform!

Day 8

I have woken up this morning to a few new pimples but the clarity of my overall skin is looking amazing.

Did normal morning routine

No stinging at all anymore and just the smallest amount of peeling left (looks like I have side burns!)

How I Felt

Because I can I did another lift off treatment today! I wanted to get that lymph moving around and create that oxygenation and blood flow to the cells to improve healing.

It really brought to the surface those new pimples I spotted this morning. My neck felt quite red after and a bit stingy but again applying the products feels so nourishing.

I put make up on today to shoot a TikTok for social media (check it out we are pretty proud of it) I am noticing that the make up sits nicer and looks glowy and dewy. In the past my make up would look ok but you could still see all the underlying congestion as it was really bumpy, that is now disappearing.

Day 9

Yay, that pimple that popped up yesterday is gone! I'm so excited, every morning I love looking to see how my skin has changed.

I did my morning routine as normal

How I felt

Skin is feeling amazing! All the peeling has completely gone and my skin is looking so dewy and hydrated. Today when I applied my products there was no stinging at all and it's funny how quick you forget the pain and the feelings of insecurity with your skin looking so bad.

I feel confident to go out with out make up on........woohoo!!

Day 10

WOW! WOW! WOW! is all I have to say today.

I knew I was going to be happy with the result but I never thought the results would be this amazing! As crappy as I felt when I was peeling I would do it all over again in a heart beat. It is so worth it.

How I felt

I am feeling so amazing, from someone who has suffered all my life with acne and looking in the mirror to only be happy when I have make up on, this is the most life changing thing ever!

Skin has completely stopped peeling and absolutely no stinging when applying products.

10 years younger in 10 days! YES

Final feelings

This has been the most transforming experience for me, both physically and mentally. I usually do not like to be seen without make up due to my bad skin, and also the fact that I'm a Beauty Therapist I felt like a fraud at times. Recommending skin care to someone with a massive zit on my face did not give me much confidence.

During this experiment I have been super vulnerable, showing everyone what my skin really looks like without hiding behind make up. At first I was nervous, will it work? Will people judge me? But after seeing the results first hand I feel more confident than ever and not one person said a bad word to me.

It has given me confidence in myself and also in my ability as a skin therapist. I am so grateful to do what I love as a job, and the best thing to come out of this COVID -19 shut down is I have truly realised my passion is skin.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and coming on the journey with me, If you would like to start your own skin journey our passionate therapists would love to meet you.

During lock down we can help via phone or email, please reach out to us if you want help with your skin.

DMK really does what it says it does

Rebuilding skin, Rebuilding lives.

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Nov 17, 2020

It’s so refreshing to see what the process is really like - the whole thing can be pretty scary so it’s reassuring to know how it works (in real life!). Thank you so much for sharing... it definitely gives me more confidence in the treatment.

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