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DMK Enzyme Therapy Facials

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DMK Enzyme Therapy

A facial unlike anything you’ve ever had before, Enzyme Therapy facials and a custom home-care prescription will revise skin conditions such as acne, rosacea, pigmentation, sagging skin and ageing by working with the body’s natural chemistry, for the most incredible long term, sustainable results.
We aim to restore the health and function of the skin, working from the inside out. 
The plasmatic effect which you see on our pictured client lasts approximately 20 minutes post treatment, this is a roadmap of where the enzyme therapy has activated your circulatory and lymphatic system to pump fresh oxygenated blood through the capillary loops – bringing with it fresh nutrients.

First Time client  90 mins | $230

We assess the skin and tailor an exfoliation appropriate to your skins condition. The DMK Enzyme Masque is the applied to the skin for 45 minutes to activate. A cocktail of vitamins, minerals and amino acid infusion is then applied to skin once the masque is removed.

Advanced Enzyme Therapy 90 - 100 mins | $280 - $380

We have an extensive range of solutions and tools which we use based on your skin concerns. You will always have a first time enzyme treatment first, and upon assessment of your skin we will discuss the best options as part of your treatment plan.

As a guide, advanced enzyme therapy solutions may include pigmentation brighteners, vitamin A infusions, redness and rosacea treatments, solutions to combat congestion, acne and skin tightening protocols.

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