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Hello my Beauty Indulgence babes!

Updated: May 22, 2020

What a crazy week it's been, at times I have felt like there is not enough time in the day and other times I have felt like a day has gone for a week.

So let me update you on what we have been doing since the closure last Wednesday.

<=   Ash kept doing this at our Christmas Party 

Supposedly it fends off bad luck, fingers crossed!

After a crazy, overwhelming, long day last Wednesday, we sat down and had a drink together and chatted about everyday stuff and had a HUGE laugh... Like I'm talking our abs were sore from laughing so much. It was a nice refreshing change amidst the chaos of Carona. Leaving at MIDNIGHT (we really did stay until then) was bitter sweet. I think I had 3 hours sleep that night.

On Thursday we had a rest and let it all sink in!

Just in case hairdressers were next on the list of closures, Mary and I had our hair done together next door at Sassi hairdressing to avoid coming out of quarantine like.........

I am so grateful for the amazing team I have, the support and comfort both Ashlee and Mary have given me during this challenging time is nothing short of next level.  

Friday my creative juices were flowing, and as per usual I come up with the ideas and Ash makes them come to light!

We have some awesome ideas we are working on behind the scenes to help you out at home while you can not get to the clinic to see us.

The amazing Ashlee has created an ONLINE shop so you can now have access to your favorite products at the touch of a button.

Then I will hand deliver them to your door.

Look who was on my list of deliveries yesterday :)

I really do miss seeing the girls and you beautiful clients everyday.

We are open for retail purchases, just in a different way.

My at home retail shelf, not as pretty as Airport West but it will do for now.

You Order - We Deliver

Just imagine me in my house jumping up and down screaming with excitement when Ash told me to log on to our website and have a look!

It looks phenomenal!

Like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram to keep up to date.

Check out our new online store!!!!

Who knows you might get a special gift when you order ;)

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